Initial consultation fee is £250
Follow-up or post-surgery reviews vary between £130 to £150
Please contact Miss. Lwin’s PA on : 07462-109235 or


Miss. Lwin is registered with most U.K. health insurance providers. She is fee assured (no extra charge) for procedures covered by your policy with: Alliance Healthcare, AVIVA Healthcare, AXA PPP Healthcare, BUPA, CIGNA Healthcare, Healix Health Services, Vitality and WPA.


After a consultation with Miss. Lwin, a full quotation for your treatment/procedure will be provided to you, if you need one. This will include Ms. Lwin’s fees, medical equipment or implants, anaesthetic fees and private hospital facility charges if applicable. Prices will vary according to individual circumstances (eg. the type of procedure required or if any additional investigations are required and individual hospital fees may differ).

Self-funded clients are asked to pay a deposit at least 48 hours prior to coming for the consultation and at least 7 days prior to any surgery or procedure. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your consultation time or date. Cancellation charges will also apply if surgical procedures are cancelled at short notice (less than one week) as these require careful coordination between us, the private hospitals and your anaesthetist (if applicable) and individual medical equipment may have been ordered in advance.

We do not accept payments after the procedures. Payment can be made directly into: Facial and Oral Surgery UK Limited account using online banking and the details will be sent with your consultation confirmation letter.

We do not offer any finance options on Ms. Lwin’s consultation or surgery fees however the hospitals often have finance packages available for the hospital fees.

Insured clients are asked to contact their health insurance provider and obtain authorisation code for initial consultation and membership details to Ms. Lwin’s PA, prior to consultation or surgery/ procedures needed.

Orthognathic Surgery Fees:

It is common for patients to receive their pre-surgical orthodontic treatment on the NHS and seek to have surgery elsewhere either due to waiting times on NHS for surgery or they have certain engagements (eg. Wedding, going to university) timelines, or they wish to have their choice of surgeon and location.

Initial Consultation Fee:

Initial appointment with Ms. Lwin £250

Pre-operative Planning Consultation and Laboratory Fee:
3Dimensional Virtual Surgical Planning (3D-VSP) and 3D-printed wafers/splints construction £750.00.

Traditional model planning and surgical wafers/ splints construction £900.00
This option is possible if you are unable to have Cone beam CT-scan but more consultation visits are involved, prior to surgery.

There would be a charge for CT-scan by the hospital, to facilitate 3D-VSP (if not provided by your referrer).

Fees include a one night stay at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital, anaesthetics fees and all surgical instruments/ material needs.

The quotation will be given by Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital, following the first consultation appointment depending on complexity of surgery required. Eg. One jaw only or BOTH upper and lower jaw +/- chin surgery and the need for removal of wisdom teeth at the same time.

Orthodontic Fees:

Your orthodontist should discuss their individual fees with you if they’re providing this privately.

If they’re providing your orthodontic treatment on the NHS, you can request for CBCT-scan to be done at your local hospital on the NHS and this can be transferred digitally to be used for 3D-VSP. Ms. Lwin would be able to provide information on the specific CBCT-scan needed, hence postpone CT-scan in your local hospital until after consultation with Miss. Lwin as they need to adhere to a strict planning protocol to ensure planning accuracy, which Miss. Lwin will provide.